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Term 2 2024 Week 10 Message

by DoS SMIC -

Dear SMIC Students,

Greetings from SMIC Team! ūüćä

We hope you have been participating in, enjoying, and improving your study and having a fun-filled study-work-life balance during the past 9 weeks of Term 2 2024. 

Now we are starting the last week, Week 10, of Term 2 2024.

It’s very exciting that a 2-week Term Break is coming, however, you may really need to complete your assessment submissions by this coming Sunday, 16th June.


To avoid missing your assessment submission dates, or to avoid forgetting resubmitting your corrections/improvements on time, we would strongly encourage you to communicate with your trainers to ensure your submissions will be marked.


If you submit your assessments too late, or if you forgot to re-submit your corrections/improvements on time, and if you never communicate with your trainers, then your trainers will not be able to mark your late assessments/late resubmissions.

This means that you will have to go through a Re-assessment Process later. However, going through a Re-assessment Process later will certainly cost you a Re-assessment Fee.


We understand that no one wants to pay a Re-assessment Fee.


Therefore, we would like to urge you to fully use the last week of this Term to complete and submit your assessments, as well as communicate with your trainers, so that you can ensure your assessments/resubmissions will be marked.

Your study efforts and cooperation are highly appreciated, and you will be rewarded for your hard work. Believe in yourself that you can achieve your future goals via investing time and efforts to your current study!

Please impress us, and happy study!



Welcome Back to Term 2 2024

by DoS SMIC -

Dear SMIC Students,

I hope you all have had a relaxed and delightful term break. 

Term 2 2024 starts from today, and SMIC team is happily welcoming you back to the college!

Our Student Services team has already sent you Term 2 class timetable and classroom allocation, please check your email and your spam folder.

Please check your class time and classroom information carefully, because there might be some minor changes in your class timetable and Classroom allocation compared to the last term.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us via email:

I wish during Term 2 2024, all of you will be more motivated and determined to achieve your learning goal, to participate classes more openly and enthusiastically, and to do assessment tasks with more passions and more new ideas.

Therefore, here I would like to urge all of you to aim high, to communicate with SMIC Team through more channels and to defeat more study challenges.

SMIC Team is right here and waiting to support you in a new term of study!

Let’s meet in the campus each week!

Until next time, take care, 



Welcome back to Term-1 2023

by DoS SMIC -

Dear student,

Happy New Year 2023 and welcome back to college. Hope you had a great holiday. I would like to inform you that our term-1, 2023 will start from 16/01/2023. Your classes will conduct face to face. You must attend your allocated classes as per provided timetable and submit all assessments before due date. You need to maintain your visa requirements and academic progress. We are happy to provide any kinds of academic support to you. If you need any help, please contact your Trainer/Director of Studies or email us through or

Warm Regards,

Daya Ram Simkhada

DoS/Trainer & Assessor

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